Urban Food Agenda

28 June 2021 | Global Dialogue on Empowering Cities and Local Governments to improve food systems globally


Global Dialogue on "Empowering Cities and Local Governments to improve food systems globally"




28 June 2021 | 14.30 - 17.30 (CEST)

(Virtual Event) - Livestream on: www.fao.org/urban-food-agenda

This Global Dialogue wants to promote significant actions and commitments towards sustainable urban food systems transformation through the exchange of perspectives of local government representatives and various urban food systems stakeholders.  

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  1. Integrating food systems transformation into the overall urban and territorial governance and planning
  2. Promoting sustainable urban food systems through public procurement and school meals
  3. Urban and local actions for sustainable food systems: food environments, urban food waste reductions, circular economy
  4. Financing mechanisms for sustainable urban food systems solutions
  5. Leveraging urban and local food system to strengthen social protection and inclusion including through school food and nutrition programmes
  6. Building resilience of urban food systems to shocks and stressors through local-national action