Urban Food Agenda

21 June 2022 | South Africa Food Systems Lab 1


Streamlining multi-level governance between local, provincial and national government for sustainable and resilient food systems in South Africa - Tuesday 21 June - 10 AM (CET)



10 - 10.30 | Welcome & introductory remarks

  • Welcome & introductory remarks, ICLEI Africa
  • Official opening of the dialogue and reflection on the post summit processes, FAO South Africa
  • Welcome note from national government and presentation on the national food systems pathway, MEC of DALRRDMinister
  • Opening note from local stakeholder, Officer from relevant institution in the SA’s local and national food system 

10.30 - 11.00 | Setting the scene

  • Understanding food systems resilience, Relevant Expert
  • Understanding Multi-level Food System Governance, Daniel Adeniyi, ICLEI Africa
  • Provincial and City experiences of dealing with multiple shocks, Official from Cape Town, Johannesburg, KwaZulu Natal Province
  • Nairobi food system governance journey, Nairobi county official
  • Kisumu food system governance journey, Kisumu county official
  • Q&A

11.00 - 12.25 | Facilitated break out discussions around key questions: strategies for building resilience through streamlining multi-level governance, Facilitators from ICLEI, FAO and identified local organisations

12.25 - 12.55 | Concluding Remarks and way forward, FAO South Africa, National government representative, Local government representative

12.55 - 13.00 | Workshop closingICLEI Africa