Urban Food Agenda

Multilevel governance opportunities for food systems in South Africa


After the opening event focused on Kenya, the African Food Systems Dialogue activities continue through the collaboration between FAO, ICLEI and the National Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development of South Africa. 

The Organizations are co-hosting the first South Africa Food Systems Lab on 21 June 2022, under the title "Streamlining multi-level governance between local, provincial and national government for sustainable and resilient food systems in South Africa"

The event will be held online, and will be attended from both local and national governments representatives of South Africa.   

The aim of these dialogues is to build and consolidate the processes and mechanisms for promoting multi-stakeholder collaboration on urban food systems as a follow-up to the UN Food Systems Summit acrivities.

In doing so, the project will contribute towards strengthening South Africa’s food systems governance linkages between local and national level for improved resilience. These engagements aim to strengthen collaboration between different levels of governance and to enhance cooperation and peer-to-peer learning between different cities and provinces for improved food system resilience.

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