Urban Food Agenda

Mapping territorial markets in Rwanda, Kenya and Senegal


FAO has recently published three country reports, presenting data and results from the mapping of territorial markets in Senegal, Kenya and Rwanda

The three publications focus on Territorial Markets, defined as a range of local/national markets embedded in territorial food systems, and on the key role of smallholder farmers, responsible for most of the food consumed in the world, and most of the investments in agriculture. 

From a consumer perspective, territorial markets are key retail outlets for ensuring access to healthy food, particularly for fish, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, despite their importance, data on territorial markets - such as consumers profile, availability of food, etc. - are often not included in the national data collection systems, and so they are not taken into consideration for national food strategies to improve nutrition and reduce poverty. 

The three booklets presents data and results from the mapping territorial markets in Rwanda, Kenya and Senegal.