Agenda de la Alimentación Urbana


Marco de Monitoreo del Pacto de Política Alimentaria Urbana de Milán
El Pacto consiste en un texto explicativo que muestra el papel de las ciudades para contribuir a la transformación de los sistemas alimentarios urbanos hacia la sostenibilidad, y un Marco de Acción articulaarticulado en un conjunto de 37 medidas recomendadas, organizadas en torno a seis categorías.
Webcast: Urban Food Agenda - A perspective from the City of Toronto
The Seminar held by Ms. Barbara Emanuel, Manager of the Toronto Food Strategy, presents a case-study from the city of Toronto, which leveraged on climate change action and a Food Systems approach to improving life of its communities.
Launch event for the FAO framework for the Urban Food Agenda
The FAO Framework for the Urban Food Agenda serves as a corporate strategy to address emerging calls from countries, responding to demands for a multi-sectoral, multi-stakeholder and multi-level approach to food insecurity and malnutrition across the rural-urban continuum. As a result of an inclusive consultative process the framework articulates guiding principles, purposes and targeted outcomes compatible with the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.
Marco de la FAO para la Agenda Alimentaria Urbana
Aprovechamiento de medidas de los gobiernos subnacionales y locales para garantizar unos sistemas alimentarios sostenibles y una mejor nutrición
Our World is Urbanizing: Is food on your agenda?
If well managed, urbanization can provide plenty of opportunities...
Integrating food into urban planning
While urbanisation worldwide sets up unprecedented challenges for feeding cities with accessible, afordable food and healthy diets, urban food security and food systems are receiving growing attention at an international level and in a growing number of cities of all sizes.
Webcast: Integrating Food Systems into Urban Planning - Insights and Key Findings
This presentation of the publication  Integrating food into Urban planning shines a light on how best to integrate food systems into urban planning, if cities are to ensure food security for all, improve nutrition and management of natural resources.
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