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Public food procurement for sustainable food systems and healthy diets - Volume 1 & 2
Sustainable Public Food Procurement (PFP) is a key game changer for food systems transformation. It can influence food consumption and food production, and it can deliver social, environmental and economic benefits to achieve sustainable food systems for healthy diets... FAO has developed this publication with the Alliance of Bioversity International, CIAT and Editora da UFRGS to contribute to the understanding, dissemination and use of PFP as a development tool in particular in the case of school meals programmes. The publication is divided into 2 volumes: VOLUME 1 - researchers, policymakers and development partners can find evidence on how PFP can be used as a development...
Conference Recording: N4G Side Event on Local Governments
"The critical role of urban, local and regional governments in resilient food system". This N4G Side Event wanted to raise awareness of urban, local and regional governments and their role in...
Podcast: The Power of the Public Plate. Episode 8 -
Mirian Johanna Zambrano Benavides is the Project Coordinator of the Feeding Urbanization FAO Ecuador Project. In this podcast we explore public food procurement in Manta, Ecuador - as the city is an example of local food procurement complimentary to the country’s centralised food procurement model. Listen to the podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and One Planet Network YouTube or ICLEI Youtube.  Click here to know more about the project.    
Infographic - 10 Critical Actions for transforming Urban Food Systems
Cities call for collective action to transform our urban food systems...
Infographic - 5 Strategic Areas for Urban Food Systems Transformation
Cities call for collective action to transform our urban food systems...
The Milan Urban Food Policy Pact Monitoring Framework
FAO, RUAF and the MUFPP Secretariat have developed a Monitoring Framework for food policies. ‘Designed for cities by cities’, and based on the recommended actions of the MUFPP (Milan Urban Food Policy Pact), this monitoring framework is a tool to help cities to build food system policies and strategies and track the impacts. Cities are playing a key role in building sustainable food systems. Now more urgently than ever, the challenges of rapid urbanisation, climate change and inequalities require transformative and comprehensive approaches to ensure long-term wellbeing for people, places and planet. In this evolving environment,...
Mapping of territorial markets – Methodology and guidelines for participatory data collection
This publication presents a structured methodology and a series of guidelines for mapping territorial markets, as developed by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), along with representatives of producer organizations and academics.
Food Systems Summit Dialogue Recording - 28 June
Empowering Cities and Local Governments to improve food systems globally
City-to-city cooperation for sustainable urban food systems
This video presents a recent FAO support for the exchange of knowledge and experiences on food waste reduction between 3 cities: Milan (Italy), Nairobi (Kenya) and Kigali (Rwanda). It highlights city-to-city cooperation benefit.
RICH Food, Smart City : How Building Reliable, Inclusive, Competitive, and Healthy Food Systems is Smart Policy for Urban Asia
Across Asia, cities are contending with wide food-related issues but lack a dedicated or coherent set of food policies...
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