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Capacity building on the SSF Guidelines in the Technical Legislative Units of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia

12/03/2020 - 12/03/2020 Colombia

The International Conservation Caucus Foundation (ICCF Colombia), the centre for advanced legislative studies, Global Compact Colombia, the European Union and the Swiss Embassy in Colombia launched the course “Competencies for decision-making: sustainable development goals (SDG’s) knowledge and context” aimed at advisors and legislators of the Congress of Colombia to promote political will on issues related to the environment and the SDG’s, through a 15-day training course.

Within the framework of the course, the following topics are being discussed: biodiversity and strategic ecosystems, water resources, deforestation and sustainable management of forests, oceans, economic instruments for sustainable development, sustainable communities, circular economy, protected areas and sustainable tourism, among others.

FAO Colombia participated on March 12, in the session dedicated to SDG14 “life below water” with the presentation: “the SSF Guidelines- a useful instrument for the legislative function of the congress and a tool for conflict resolution at the local level”.

The course aims to provide parliamentarians with the tools and the theorical and contextual framework to obtain a multisectoral understanding for the construction of initiatives and legislative proposals on issues related to sustainable development and conservation. Some members of the technical units and the senate manifested their will to prioritize the amendment of the Colombian fisheries legislation, giving particular attention to small-scale fisheries.