WASAG – 全球农业缺水框架


International Seminar on Drought and Agriculture
19/06/2017 0:00
In presence
Rome Italy
June 2017 – International Seminar on Drought and Agriculture in Rome, Italy – Achievements: Strategies was discussed to help countries to predict, plan and prepare for droughts
2nd WASAG Interim Steering Committee Meeting
01/06/2017 0:00
June 2017 – 2nd WASAG Interim Steering Committee Meeting – Online conference/Skype meeting
1st WASAG Partners Meeting
19/04/2017 0:00 - 20/04/2017 0:00
In presence
Rome Italy
Achievements: More than 100 partners attend the meeting with the adoption of the Rome statement
Interim Steering Committee Meeting
01/04/2017 0:00
In presence
Rome Italy
Achievements: The Interim Steering Committee was established, and the Rome statement was adopted
G20 meeting
22/01/2017 0:00
In presence
Bonn Germany
Achievements: Endorsement by the G20 Ministers of Agriculture