WASAG – الشراكة العالمية بشأن ندرة المياه في الزراعة

SDG كأحد مسرعات شراكة WASAG تم نشر


The 2030 Agenda Partnership Accelerator is a collaborative initiative by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA) and The Partnering Initiative, in collaboration with United Nations Office for Partnerships (UNOP), UN Global Compact, and the UN Development Coordination Office. The initiative aims to significantly help accelerate effective partnerships in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Direct partnership training support and advisory services are offered to member States and UN entities/Resident Coordinators/country teams wishing to foster stronger collaboration between stakeholders and sectors, and enhance their capacities in forging new multi-stakeholder partnerships and partnership platforms.

WASAG is a FAO SDG accelerator in that it creates synergies of collaboration between the different partners, including through its current six working groups (water and migration; sustainable agriculture water use; drought preparedness; financing mechanisms; water and nutrition and saline agriculture) who generate knowledge, guidelines, best practices, collaborate in exchange, etc to provide an innovative responses to water scarcity in agriculture. More information can be found at The Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture (WASAG) | Department of Economic and Social Affairs (un.org)

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