WASAG – El Marco Mundial sobre la Escasez de Agua en la Agricultura


Sustainable land, soil and water management will play a growing role in ending and reversing land degradation, and increasing food production, after over 100 countries endorsed many FAO-led initiatives at the 13th conference of the parties to the UN Convention to Combat Drought and Desertification (UNCCD). Read more.
Seminar at FAO seeks to rekindle international cooperation, wider use of existing tools and approaches. Read more.
First gathering of Global Framework on Water Scarcity in Agriculture agrees on the Rome Statement to drive action and safeguard food production. Read more.
Water scarcity is a growing threat that, unless dealt with, will set back the global push to build a fairer, more-sustainable world. Read more here.
Sustainable water use for agriculture requires transforming food systems and diets. Read more.

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