A Territorial Approach to Food Security and Nutrition and Rural Poverty Reduction

Iran Room (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time
Side Event organized by FAO's Social Protection Division (ESP) and the SO Team for Reducing Rural Poverty (SO3)

The panel will discuss the importance of territorial approaches to FSN and rural poverty (CFS, Post-2015 Agenda, Global Donor Platform for Rural Development, African Economic Outlook 2015).

A territorial approach represents a suitable framework to address the structural and emerging issues of food security and nutrition and poverty reduction, including widening within-country inequalities and disparities in so far as they allow the exploration of the multi-dimensional, multi-actor and multi-level nature of food security and nutrition and rural poverty. In addition, the territorial approach can provide the conceptual and analytical framework for the holistic and integrated approach pursued by SO3 in the implementation of its activities. The joint FAO-OECD-UNCDF initiative on this topic will also be presented.
Topics: Food Security,Hunger & food insecurity
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