Side Session 2 - IPPC Commodities and Pathways Standards: Focus Group Q&A

Iran Room (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time

This CPM-14 side event will inform IPPC contracting parties and stakeholders about the deliberations and recommendations of the Focus Group on Commodities and Pathways Standards through an open discussion and Q&A session.

A key element of the IPPC’s work is to safeguard plant-based agriculture and the environment, and to facilitate safe trade. International trade supports economic growth and development, helping to reduce poverty around the world. Significant advances in the facilitation of safe trade can be made through the development and adoption of commodity-based international standards for phytosanitary measures (ISPMs). The new IPPC Strategic Framework (2020-2030) proposes that by 2030 many new ISPMs will have been adopted and implemented for specific commodities and pathways, with, as required, accompanying diagnostic protocols and phytosanitary treatments to support implementation.

In their 2018 annual meeting, the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM-13) agreed to establish a focus group to work on this matter. The IPPC Focus Group (FG) on Commodities and Pathways Standards , comprising eight international experts and representatives of various IPPC subsidiary bodies, met in FAO HQ in Rome from 3 to 5 October, 2018. The FG recognized that these standards will help to expedite market access negotiations, enhance phytosanitary security and achieve strategic goals of the IPPC and FAO.

With the approach to commodity and pathway standards proposed by the FG, pest risk management options for the major regulated pests or major groups of pests associated with a commodity or a pathway will be identified and endorsed for global use. Countries will retain their sovereign right to set the conditions for safe import of goods and remain free to negotiate measures for pests of concern not properly covered by the commodity or pathway specific ISPM. Existing obligations for phytosanitary measures to be technically justified will not change.

The main outcomes of the Focus Group meeting were presented to the IPPC Strategic Planning Group meeting and the full recommendations are presented to the CPM-14 in CPM 2019/27.


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