Side Session 4 - Advanced Technologies and Information Sharing: Key Tools for Prevention and Management of Emerging Transboundary Plant Pests

Malaysia Room (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time
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The Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP) and International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) are jointly organizing this CPM 14 side session in order to inform the IPPC Contracting Parties and stakeholders about emerging plant health threats of global importance and the use of advanced technologies and approaches to address these challenges.

With increased global trade, travels, agricultural intensification and climate change, the emergence of plant pest and disease outbreaks has been increasing. This includes polyphagous insects such as locusts, Fall Armyworm (FAW) and Red Palm Weevil (RPW) and crop-specific diseases such as banana Fusarium wilt (BFW) and wheat rusts. These plant pests and diseases do not adhere to international borders and, instead, can spread quickly between countries and continents, affecting crops and rural livelihoods. Sharing information, exchanging expertise and coordination between countries are essential in minimizing their impact. In this respect, FAO and IPPC have been working together with many external collaborators and national institutions to help countries combat the emerging transboundary plant health threats. Specifically, a concerted effort is made to facilitate the coordination between the member countries, using also advanced technologies and approaches in monitoring, prevention, and management of plant pest outbreaks.

The side session will present relevant examples of successes and challenges, supplemented by a panel of experts working on transboundary plant pests and diseases at FAO. Discussion will focus on two themes: (i) advanced technologies and coordination for monitoring, information sharing and early warning, and (ii) putting prevention measures and integrated management principles into practice.

IPPC contracting parties and stakeholders are expected to contribute to the discussions and identify ways for the IPPC network to contribute to increasing awareness on these threats and to improving international collaboration, information sharing and strict implementation of phytosanitary measures.

* AGPMM: Locusts and transboundary plant pests and diseases team


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