164th Session of FAO Council

164th Session of FAO Council - Day 3 Evening Session

Online meeting
 Rome time

Item 11 Status of Implementation of Decisions taken at the 163rd Session of the Council (2-6 December 2019): for discussion and/or decision (CL 164/LIM/3) – written correspondence procedure

Item 12 Calendar of FAO Governing Bodies and other Main Sessions 2020-21: for information and/or decision (CL 164/LIM/1) – written correspondence procedure

Item 13 Developments in Fora of Importance for the Mandate of FAO: for information (CL 164/INF/4; CL 164/INF/4 WA 1-3) - written correspondence procedure

16:00-16:15 break

Item 14 Tentative Agenda for the 165th Session of the Council (30 November-4 December 2020): for discussion and/or decision (CL 164/INF/2) – written correspondence procedure Item 15 Any Other Matters – virtual discussion

15.1 Appointment of a Representative of the FAO Conference to the Staff Pension Committee: for decision (CL 164/LIM/4)

15.2 Statement by a Representative of the FAO Staff Bodies

Topics: Conference-Council
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