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Strengthening one health intelligence and early warning
Timely and reliable disease information enhances early warning and response to transboundary animal diseases and emerging zoonoses It supports early action, prevention, improved response and progressive approach to control food security threats.

To address the challenge, Emergency Prevention System for transboundary animal and plant pests and diseases (EMPRES) designed and developed a web-based secure information system to support country level veterinary services through regional and global disease information and analysis: EMPRES Global Animal Disease Information System (EMPRES-i).

EMPRES-i was first released in 2004 in response to the growing demand from users for global animal health information, using a systematic approach to disease information gathering and sharing.

After its active use and implementation in countries, FAO is launching an updated version of the EMPRES-i platform with the following new features:

• New cloud base platform with functionalities of interoperability with other data platforms from public health, animal health, and environmental sectors
• Improved data quality for evidence-based decision making
• Advanced analytics and visualization to allow country users to use real time visualization of data
• Forecasting and early warning for early action to health threats.

To promote and gain the traction of current and potential EMPRES-i users, FAO is organizing a global EMPRES-i+ launch with the FAO Director General’s presence.



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