36th Session of the Asia and Pacific Regional Conference - Day 3

Virtual Meeting
 Rome time

Inaugural ceremony - 10.00-11.00 (Dhaka Time)


11.00-13.00 (Dhaka Time)

Item 1: Election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairpersons, and appointment of the Rapporteur
Item 2: Adoption of the Agenda and Timetable APRC/22/1Rev.1 APRC/22/INF/2 Rev.1
Item 3: Statement by the Director-General APRC/22/INF/4
Item 4: Statement by the Independent Chairperson of the FAO Council APRC/22/INF/5
Item 5: Statement by the Chairperson of the 35th Session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific
Item 6: Statement on the Third Joint FAO and Pacific Community (SPC) Ministers for Agriculture and Forestry Meeting
Item 7: Statement by the Chairperson of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) APRC/22/INF/7
Item 8: Statement by the Spokesperson of the Civil Society Consultation APRC/22/INF/8
Item 9: Statement by the Spokesperson of the Private Sector Consultation APRC/22/INF/10


14.00–18.00 (Dhaka Time)

Item 10: Special event on innovation, science and digitalization: Transforming agrifood systems in the Asia and Pacific region
Item 11: Prioritization of country and regional needs


Meeting of the Drafting Committee of the Report of the Plenary Session - 18.30–19.30 (Dhaka Time)


Hashtag: #APRC36

Topics: Meeting
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