The 16th Session of the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures - Session 3

Virtual Meeting
 Rome time

8. Governance and Strategy (continued)

8.8 CPM Focus Groups (continued)


9.Standard Setting (Continued)

9.1 Report from Standards Committee

9.3 Standards Committee recommendations to the CPM


10. CPM recommendations

10.1 Adoption of CPM Recommendation on “Reduction of the incidence of contaminating pests associated with regulated and unregulated articles to protect plant resources and facilitate safe trade (2019-002)”

10.2 Inclusion of any other topics submitted by contracting parties in the CPM work programme (add process)


11. Implementation and Capacity Development

11.1 Report Implementation and Capacity Development Committee (pre-recorded)

11.2 National Reporting Obligations

11.3 Sea Containers Task Force

11.4 Phytosanitary Capacity Evaluations

11.5 Implementation, Review and Support System

11.6 Projects managed by the IPPC Secretariat


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