Science, Policy and Society Interface: Challenges and opportunities

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Interaction between policy makers, scientists and society is a crucial requirement for developing policies on sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition. We often experience that science and other forms of knowledge are not always used effectively in policy making. It is widely perceived that policymakers do not inform scientists about their needs and on the other hand scientists do not always proactively engage in the policy process. Scientists tend to define the research problems and develop solutions that may not be fully relevant to the needs of the society and this inadequacy is also reflected in policy-making. We tend to imagine that the communication follows a ‘linear model’ when thinking about the science-policy– society interface. This linear model is largely uncommon in reality, as science, policy and societal interactions are complex and are not straightforward. This session brings together representatives from prominent science – policy – society interfaces relevant to food security and nutrition to discuss how science – policy – society interactions work in practice. The session will highlight the challenges and opportunities on how good interaction and excellent working relationships are crucial to successfully influencing or initiating change with participation of policy makers, scientists and society.

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