FAO Global Conference on Sustainable Plant Production - Plenary Sessions 1 - 2

Virtual Meeting
 Rome time


Keynote Address Section A
A.1 Agrifood system transformation (Martin Kropff)
A.2 Resilience and climate change (Anna Maria Loboguerrero Rodriguez)
A.3 Seeds-related topic (Michael Keller)
A.4 Fertilizers-related topic (Alzbeta Klein)
Discussion (20 minutes)

Keynote Address Section B
B.1 Integrated approach and agroecology (Marcela Quintero)
B.2 Green technology for crop production (Xiangzhao Gao)
B.3 Pests-related topic (Sunday Ekesi)
B.4 Mechanization and digitalization (Josse De Baerdemaeker)
Discussion (20 minutes)

Hashtag: #PlantProduction

Topics: Plants
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