171st Session of the FAO Council - Day 3 Morning Session

Plenary Hall (FAO Headquarters)
 Rome time

Item 8: Report of the 134th Session of the Programme Committee (7-11 November 2022) (CL 171/8; CL 171/INF/6)

Item 9: Reports of the 192nd (1-3 June 2022), 193rd (27-28 October 2022) and 194th (7-11 November 2022) Sessions of the Finance Committee (CL 171/16; CL 171/18; CL 171/9)

9.1 Audited Accounts – FAO 2021 (C 2023/6A; C 2023/6B)

9.2 Status of current assessments and arrears (CL 171/LIM/2) 

Topics: Conference-Council
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