World Agriculture Watch

KLMPE-IYFF+3 event, WAW Forum in Manila.


Through its partnership with AgriCord, World Agriculture Watch (WAW) took part in two events in Manila to explore the possibility of developing the WAW initiative with Pakisama, the National Confederation of Small Farmers and Fishers Organizations, in the Philippines and with the support of the Asian Farmers Association (AFA) in other Asian countries.

Pierre-Marie Bosc introduced WAW at the Knowledge Learning Market and Policy Engagement Conference (KLMPE‒IYFF+3) held on November 27‒28 at the Asian Development Bank in Manila. On 29 November, Pierre-Marie was the key resource person at a whole-day forum on WAW and farm monitoring systems organized by Pakisama and AFA in preparation for an AFA regional workshop on WAW in 2018, in collaboration with Collectif Stratégies Alimentaires (CSA, a member agency of AgriCord).