World Agriculture Watch

New IFAD Support to WAW


IFAD is supporting the WAW Secretariat through a Small Grant for a  Project called “Methodology and Tests for the World Agriculture Watch”.

The activities proposed are focused on developing an international typology of agricultural holdings, with a related core set of indicators. This typology and its proposed indicators will be then tested  with data coming the WAW “Pilot Observatories”, namely Madagascar and Vietnam, benefiting of this IFAD support, as well as data from other countries, acting as WAW Partners in this Project.

 To achieve the definition of this typology and its related core set of indicators and to test this proposed typology, WAW Secretariat recruited a senior and two junior consultants. Also, letters of agreement were formulated and finalized in collaboration with the pilot Observatories and Partners to further define and finance their active participation.

A first draft of this typology was presented at FAO Headquarters on May 27, with the active participation of IFAD and various Departments within FAO (AG, ES and NR). You can access to the minutes of this Meeting and the various presentations ([1] & [2]) made during it.