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BOHESI aims to contribute to a more socially and environmentally sustainable banana production and trade with improved standards of living (in particular in relation to health and natural resource access) for male and female banana workers, farmers and surrounding communities.
Environmental practices in the banana industry are designed to ensure sustainability and to mitigate effects on surrounding ecosystems. Each stage of the banana production cycle has an environmental impact with the potential to be reduced.
Series of webinars exploring banana industry good practices, dealing with several stages of the value chain. The webinars will look at the efforts made by farmers, companies, civil society organizations and other industry stakeholders towards adopting practices designed to fulfill obligations to the environment and the lives of its workforce and communities.
Leadersand in the banana sector worldwide and stakeholders Ecuador met at the Second Conference of the World Banana Forum in 2012. Experts from all over the world shared the latest findings on sustainable practices in banana production and trade.
This meeting was organized by the Multi-stakeholder Forum (MSF) project, which is implemented by FAO with co-funding from the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom. The project facilitated a preparatory committee composed of representatives from the banana industry, civil-society organizations and national governments. The committee held two meetings and an electronic conference in 2009 that were essential to build consensus among stakeholders and prepare the Forum meeting.
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