На данной странице размещаются новости и информация о событиях, связанных с работой ВФБ и банановой отраслью.

Новости и события

Following the launch of the Banana Occupational Health and Safety Initiative’s (BOHESI) Manual on Health and Safety for the Banana Industry in Ecuador, which took place in Machala, Ecuador, on 21 May 2018, training sessions are being delivered to public and private sector representatives.
To mitigate climate change, the WBF members contributing to WG01 produced a practical guide with a value-chain approach to reduce carbon and water footprints in banana plantations worldwide, including experiences from Costa Rica, leading country in GHG-emission reduction in the banana industry, aiming to replicate the lessons learned worldwide .
The subgroups have been officially presented and launched by their coordinators during a dedicated WG01 call on Monday 18 June 2018. They will allow a better allocation of expertise and resources as well as better coordination, and improved pace of action for the WG01.
Several new organizations have joined the World Banana Forum since the Third Global Conference which took place in November 2017. Discover these new members here.
"Gobierno, sindicatos y patronal alcanzan un acuerdo para implantar un manual para empresas y trabajadores del sector económico en Ecuador"