World Banana Forum Declaration to Living Wages for Men and Women Working in the Banana Industry

In efforts to promote a shared responsibility for an economically sustainable banana industry, and a fair distribution of value that ensures the welfare of banana farmers and workers, the World Banana Forum (WBF) supports activities aimed at ensuring that the costs of sustainable production and trade are fully covered by the market throughout the supply chain.

This aim corresponds with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those seeking to ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns, decent work for all and inclusive growth, ending poverty and reducing inequalities.

One of these costs of sustainable production is associated with paying workers and farmers enough to meet their essential needs and those of their families; that is, that they receive a living wage and a living income.

The WBF aims for a banana sector in which workers and their families can enjoy their right to just remuneration, through negotiated wages and benefits, allowing them to live in dignity.

The WBF is therefore committed to a determined global effort to achieve living wages for all women and men employed in banana production supplying the world market, in countries where it is not yet paid. It is also dedicated to finding mechanisms to recognize those countries that, even assuming the direct effects in competitiveness over their industries, have complied and continue to comply with living wages.

The WBF recognizes that the cost associated with living wage implementation has to be shared with all actors along the supply chain through long-term fair pricing, and that good faith social dialogue is key to the realization of this objective.