National Commission for Colombia

The commission created by stakeholders in the banana sector in the country focuses on the current and future challenges in the national industry and facilitates a neutral space for discussion and collaborative work, initially focusing on environmentally sustainable production and Integrated Pest Management.


1. Establish a national platform for exchanging good practices and the promotion of ‘low emission’ production and trade of bananas.

2. Facilitate the collaboration between stakeholders in the country, offering support to political dialogue to promote the production and trade of ‘low-carbon emitting’ bananas.

3. Support the implementation of strategies for preventing and controlling diseases in the national banana production, including Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race 4.

4. Support the reduction of greenhouse gasses (GHG) and promote efficient energy use in the national banana production.

5. Promote the adoption of more sustainable agricultural practices, including the use of low environmental impact fertilisers and agrochemicals and the implementation of sustainable agricultural systems.

6. Improve the management of natural resources, including water and land, and minimise the pollution and deforestation associated with banana production.

7. Train and sensitise producers and workers about the importance of sustainability and the environmental and social challenges associated with banana production.

8. Support the development of Integrated Pest Management guidelines in national banana production.

9. Create mechanisms to support producer and exporting companies to comply que the environmental requirements included in the Due Diligence of the European Union and other sustainable international standards.

Members of the Commission

Representatives of the banana industry (associations of producers and exporters); government representatives (agriculture and environment); Civil society organisations; representatives of financial institutions and WBF members that are actively engaged in the activities in the country. 

All stakeholders in the country are welcome to participate in the activities of the Commission. If you are interested in joining the National Commission for Colombia, please contact Victor Prada at [email protected] and/or WBF Secretariat at [email protected].