World Programme for the Census of Agriculture

Regional Roundtable on the World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020 (WCA 2020)

16-19 May 2016, Amman, Jordan

The Arab Institute for Training and Research in Statistics (AITRS) and the FAO organized the above meeting for AITRS member countries. The meeting was the first in the series of regional meetings planned to present the World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2020 to the FAO member countries in different parts of the world.


The meeting aimed at disseminating among the selected member countries of FAO from the Near East and North Africa region the new WCA 2020 which will cover the period 2016-2025. The workshop was organized with the objective of helping the participants gain a deeper understanding of the new FAO recommendations and international standards that guide the implementation of agricultural censuses in all countries in the period between 2016 and 2025. The Programme inter alia presented conceptual approaches to be adopted for collecting data on many emerging subjects and some operational aspects of census taking. Plans of the countries for implementing the next round of agricultural census and surveys have also been reviewed.


The participants of the meeting were professional statisticians and census leaders who are likely to play a role in the planning and execution of next agricultural census in their respective countries. A total of 24 representatives from 12 countries attended the meeting. The invited countries included Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and Yemen.