World Programme for the Census of Agriculture

Technical review meeting on the 2020 World Programme for the Census of Agriculture

30 - 31 January 2017, FAO Headquarters, Rome

The aim of the meeting was to gather expert opinion on the first draft of the World Programme for the Census of Agriculture, Volume 2 (WCA 2020). The meeting followed consultations carried out with countries and international organizations at regional and international meetings including the International Advisory Group on FAO Statistics and FAO Regional Meetings. The WCA 2020 was being presented for validation to experts and partners. The conclusions and recommendations of the meeting provided a critical input to the finalization of the new Programme.

International experts and representatives from international organizations, and technical experts from FAO headquarters and regional offices participated in the meeting.

The draft Volume 2 of the new WCA Programme is available below for the participants to review and comment. Written comments on the draft were expected by 20 January and should have been sent to [email protected]

Please note that the discussions during the Technical Review Meeting on 30-31 January focused only on the main changes in the draft as compared to the 1995 FAO publication (see tentative agenda).

Technical documents

World Programme of the Census of Agriculture 2020
Volume 2: Operational guidelines on implementing Census of Agriculture

This publication will focus on the operational aspects for conducting a census of agriculture. It will deal with the practical details on the steps involved in actually conducting an agricultural census.

  Download WCA 2020, Volume 2 full document in Word
  Download WCA 2020, Volume 2 full document in PDF

Volume 1 of WCA 2020, Programme, concepts and definitions, can be downloaded here.