Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

16 October 2021

World Food Day

Arizona Muse

“Fashion is an agricultural product but no one ever stops to say: thank you farmers for growing my clothes.”


Arizona Muse is a model, sustainability consultant and climate change activist. Her new charity, DIRT, aims to regenerate soil globally in the face of climate change, with a special focus on biodynamic farming. This holistic approach focuses on nourishing the soil with compost and crop rotations, meaning it retains more carbon, helping to offset the effects of climate change.  

Six years ago, Arizona decided to learn more about the clothes she was modelling. Her journey has turned into a knowledge-sharing mission to foster change along supply chains and DIRT is her mouthpiece to spread awareness on sustainable fashion. 

“I now work to inspire other people to care about sustainability because there’s nothing more fulfilling than to feel empowered to bring about change.” 

While encouraging the fashion industry to invest in soil regeneration, DIRT also challenges consumer attitudes, using short and fun videos that encourage people to buy second-hand clothes or sustainable brands. Arizona believes it’s easy to be sustainably stylish and DIRT will work with brands to support the adoption of biodynamic clothing materials. 

“As a consumer, you should feel a responsibility to read labels and make an informed decision before you buy something. I take that a step further and always go on a brand’s website to read their sustainability page.”  

Top-down initiatives to improve clothes labelling are crucial, as are government incentives that encourage brands to opt for biodynamic productions and seek organic certification. Her consultancy work has helped brands to embrace change.  

“I always start with the materials of the garments and the packaging because those two things are the foundation for sustainable garments.” 

Arizona believes that by visiting production sites clothing companies can establish a human connection and start to tackle unfair work environments where gender disparity exists between female factory workers and male supervisors. 

As a food hero, Arizona is instigating change across the fashion supply chain from farm to factory and consumer level, promoting solutions that support people and the planet.