Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

16 October 2021

World Food Day


“For IMAFLORA, socio-biodiversity means innovation and keeping the rainforest alive.”


IMAFLORA, a Brazilian NGO, has been supporting supply chains and forest communities since 1995. It brings people and institutions together to create solutions that promote newer, more ethical and inclusive business models that prioritise forest communities and keep the Amazon Rainforest standing.

IMAFLORA’s award-winning digital platform Origens Brazil® Network connects indigenous producers to consumers through e-commerce. Producers gain access to digital tools, marketing and networking opportunities with different actors in the production chain. The platform is also increasing transparency by supporting traceable and ethical trade relations with fewer intermediaries, while sustaining local communities and contributing to the conservation of the Amazon. As a result, local food supply chains are improving and becoming more inclusive and transparent. 

“By choosing our brand, you contribute to an important cause: sustainable production, safeguarding the Amazon Rainforest and support for its indigenous communities.” 

Consumers can simply scan a product’s QR code to access information about the producer, the product’s origin and how it was produced. The platform is funded by annual payments from member companies making it free for indigenous and local producers.

Origens Brazil® hosts 1 920 member producers from 43 different indigenous groups of which 45% are women and 15% are young people under the age of 24. In addition to including producers in production processes with third parties and marketing efforts, the platform offers safe digital spaces on its social media. This offers producers an opportunity to voice their opinions and makes their role in decision-making in forest and biodiversity conservation visible to a global audience. 

The NGO’s great strides in responsible and innovative food supply chains were recognised by FAO with the conferral of the FAO International Innovation Award for Sustainable Agriculture in 2019. Manager Patricia Gomes underlined the growing importance of digital platforms when accepting the award.

“Collaborative platforms must be recognised as tools to create new solutions, connect producers with consumers and provide transparency and information to consumers, who, through their product choices can contribute to a more ethical, responsible and inclusive world.” 

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