Всемирный день почв, 5 декабря

WSD 2017 was a great success!

#WorldSoilDay 2017 Photobook | Poster | NEW Video!

Poster | Caring for the planet starts from the ground



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Want to print a Megabanner for your World Soil Day event 2017?

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Web banner and button

Why not adding the WSD banner or button to your blog or your website? We've provided a variety of sizes for you to download. To download a banner / button, simply right click on the one you would like to use and select 'Save Image As' (PC) or 'Save Link As' (Mac) from the popup menu that appears. Then save the file to your desktop or hard drive.

When adding the banner or button to your webpage, remember to link it to www.fao.org/world-soil-day/


Format 300*70600*150                                      Format 300*70600*150         


 Format 300*70600*150                                     Format 300*70600*150  


Format 300*70600*150                                      Format 300*70600*150  


Format 300*70 |  600*150                                      


Giving out T-shirts at World Soil Day events can create real team spirit and gives everyone involved a nice souvenir of the day.

With these files, you can print your own World Soil Day t-shirts. It’s not hard. We’ve provided the instructions.

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Soil Pollution cards | Be the solution

Would you like to be part of the solutions? 10 practical ways to 'Be the Solution' and contribute to #StopSoilPollution

World Soil Day logo

The official WSD logo is available for download and use to help the campaign at your event! Look out for more languages in the coming weeks!

If you would like to request the logo in a new language, please send an email to [email protected].

Важно - Правила для логотипов



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        Slovenian                                                 German                                          Kurdish


                  Hebrew                                                    Thai                                       Bengali


          Mongolian                                                       Kazakh                                       Korean


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          Czech                                                       Sesotho                                       Japanese


          Georgian                                                      Sinhala                                       Visayan


          Nepalese                                                    Vietnamese                                         Swedish

           Hindi                                                         Slovak                                                     Thamil   

           Finnish                                                 Swahili                                               Telegu 





Threats on soil functions

A series of 9 postcards focusing on the main soil threats have been produced together with a world map showing the condition and trend of each specific threat worldwide.

Soil acidification
English | French | Spanish

Soil biodiversity loss
English | French | Spanish

Soil compaction
English | French | Spanish


Soil contamination
English | French | Spanish

Soil salinization and sodification
English | French | Spanish

Soil nutrient imbalance
English | French | Spanish


Soil sealing
English | French | Spanish

Soil organic carbon loss
English | French | Spanish

Soil erosion
English | French | Spanish



The Global Soil Organic Carbon Map V1.0

The Global Soil Organic Carbon Map V1.0

The Global Soil Organic Carbon map V1.0 is an important stepping stone to better know the current Soil Organic Carbon stock stored beneath our feet and soils’ potential for further sequestration.


Soil Organic Carbon

Soil organic carbon, the treasure beneath our feet

An animated illustration of soil organic carbon and its importance for climate action, food production and sustainable development.


Soils and Pulses

Soils and Pulses, Symbiosis for Life

This short animation introduces the new book “Soils and Pulses: symbiosis for life”. Pulses contribute to soil health, food security and nutrition, and climate change adaptation and mitigation.


Soil and SDG's 

Sustainable soil management and the Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals were recently created with a view to achieve sustainable development by 2030. Of the 17 goals, four contain targets specifically related to Soils. This animation looks at some of the challenges we face in each of these goals and presents some of the methods we can use to tackle them.


Soil and Nutrition

Soil: An essential ingredient to healthy food and nutrition

Soils are by nature linked to the micronutrient content of our food production and they can help to reverse the increasing trend of nutrient depleted soil by adopting sustainable soil management practices.


Soil and Climate change

Soils: Our ally against climate change

A look at how our Soils help to combat climate change in their role of sequestering CO2, and how our collective habits can damage this benefit with potentially devastating consequences.

English | عربية   | 中文 | Français Pусский | Español

Soil 101

Soil 101

Soil 101 is an animated introduction on soils prepared in the framework of the 2015 International Year of Soils. This 2 minutes video outlines the main soil functions and the threats currently facing them.

English | العربية中文 | Français | Pусский | Español | čeština |

Soil: Limited natural resource

Soils: a hidden resource

Soils are a limited natural resource, but their role in food security is crucial. In light of climate change, soil degradation and erosion, farmers struggle to protect soil health.

English | Français | Español

Вам нужно одно из этих видео в высоком разрешении для показа на вашем мероприятии к Всемирному дню почв? Просто отправьте нам  электронное письмо, и мы поделимся видео с вами.

Where food begins posters

The official posters to celebrate World Soil Day are available for download and print to help the campaign !

Poster A3 format | Poster A4 format

Poster A4 formatPoster A3 format

Poster A4 format  |  Poster A3 format

Poster A3 format | Poster A4 format

Poster A3 format  | Poster A4 format

Poster A3 format | Poster A4 format


NEW !   Soil and Climate change

Soils are key to unlocking the potential of mitigating and adapting to a changing climate.

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Soil functions

Soils deliver 11 key ecosystem services that enable life on Earth.

العربية  | 中文 | English  | Français | Русский | Español | Turkish



Soil An essential ingredient to healthy food and nutrition

Soils are by nature linked to the micronutrient content of our food production. Sustainable soil management can help to reverse the increasing trend of nutrient depleted soil.

English  |  Turkish


Soils under threat

Soils are under increasing pressure of intensification and competing uses for cropping, forestry, pasture and urbanization. These pressures combined with unsustainable land uses and management practices, as well as climate extremes, cause land degradation.

 العربية  |  中文English  | Français | Русский | Español  Turkish


Soil Formation

Formation of soil is a complex and long process which depends on 5 key formation factors. Soils around the world are very diverse and constitute a key element of our landscapes

العربية  |  中文  | english  |  Français  | РусскийEspañol  | Czech | Finnish | Swedish


Where food begins

Healthy soils not only are the foundation for food, fuel, fibre and medical products, but they are also playing a key role in the carbon cycle, storing and filtering water, and improving resilience to floods and droughts.

 العربية中文  |  English  |  Français  | Русский | Español | Hungarian | German


Узнайте больше о функциях и проблемах, с которыми сталкивается скрытый драгоценный ресурс нашей планеты в этой подробной инфографике.

English  |  Spanish  |  French  |  Hungarian

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