World Soil Day, 5 December

The 3rd Glinka World Soil Prize

The 3rd Glinka World Soil Prize for Excellence and Innovation in Soil Science was awarded to Professor Rattan Lal, president of the IUSS

The 2018 Glinka Laureate is Professor Rattan Lal, one of the most influential soil scientists globally. Professor Lal has been listed among the world's most influential scientific minds (2012) and among the top 1% of all researchers in agriculture. With a career spanning over 50-years and across six continents, he has brought about a paradigm shift in sustainable soil management (SSM) with the focus on soil organic carbon (SOC) restoration and improvement of soil structure and physical/hydrological properties. His continuous efforts have led to the eco-intensification of agricultural systems, following a soil-centric approach. The last ensures long-term sustainability of agroecosystems by reconciling the need for increasing agronomic production with the necessity of improving the environment. Indeed, restoring soil health in densely populated regions (i.e., Indo-Gangetic Plains, West African Sahel, Horn of Africa, the Caribbean, North China Plains) is essential to enhancing agronomic production, improving nutritional value of the farm produce, and restoring the environment. 

His work has notably contributed to soil science but has especially a major role in converting science into policy and decision making. As the President of the International Union of Soil Science (IUSS), Professor Lal has been a key advocate for soil sciences and the promotion of sustainable soil management worldwide.

The 3rd Glinka World Soil Prize award contributes in a timely manner to raise awareness amongst proactive policy makers and the general public about possible solutions to tackle acute national and local problems of soil degradation. It is meant to encourage all stakeholders and soil practitioners to engage in field-oriented work, with direct contributions to the preservation of the environment, food security and poverty alleviation. 

Interview with Prof. Lal from the Global Symposium on Soil Organic Carbon 2017

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