Aeronautical information


The air information booklet below has been agreed upon the Italian Military and Civil aviation together with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and FAO Protocol to assist the delegations on related matters concerning the arrival of official airplanes.

Once the official travel has been arranged, an enclosed form should be sent to the email given in the booklet in order to allow the parties concerned better assistance.


  Aeronautical information booklet

  Aeronatical information form

Media accreditation

The path to the Summit

Three important events have prepared the ground for the Summit:

The High-Level Expert Forum on How to Feed the World in 2050 examined policy options that governments should consider adopting to ensure that the world population can be fed when it nears its peak of nearly 9.2 billion people in the middle of this century.

The Committee on World Food Security considered reforms that will enable it to play a much more effective role in the global governance of food security.

The theme of World Food Day this year is how to ensure food security in times of crisis.

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