Security and access


Security Arrangements

Security in FAO will be extremely tight in the period prior to, during and immediately after the Summit. Access will be prohibited to those not in possession of a valid pass. Metal detectors will be in operation at all entrances to FAO. Access to certain areas will be restricted. Specific requests for individual security requirements should be directed to the Chief, Security Service (AFDU) (fax: +3906 570 55663).

To permit the temporary importation of side arms carried by security personnel, Embassies or Permanent Representations should communicate their request by a Note Verbale, including detailed information on the type, model and identification number of such arms, the number of rounds, the name of the bearer and his/her passport number, prior to arrival to the Cerimoniale Diplomatico della Repubblica Ufficio III of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs by fax (+3906 323 6165). The final decision on such requests will be taken by the Italian Ministry of Interior. Details of the frequency range of two-way telecommunication equipment used by delegations should also be communicated to the above focal point.


From Sunday 15 November at 08:00 hrs to Wednesday 18th November afternoon (as necessary), staff members will be allowed to access the restricted area by car, only if provided with the special parking permits already released by AFDU, or by foot, showing the FAO Building Pass together with Floating Pass issued for the WSFS. We suggest Staff to park their cars along Viale Aventino.

Map providing additional detailed information about the restricted area (Red Zone)

Please note that the entry point number 8 is reserved only to Head of States.

Passes for vehicles

The following categories of passes for vehicles will be made available on request:



Access permitted



Heads of State and Government

Main entrance of building A

Area adjacent to the Stadium


Cars accompanying Heads of State and Government

Main entrance of building A

Area adjacent to the Stadium


Other Heads of degation and delegates

No access to FAO Headquarters, but can drop delegates off at the Circo Massimo metro entrance to FAO

Within the restricted area described in the Map of the area (to be posted later on)

The Italian authorities will provide Red Passes for the cars of Heads of State and Government as well as Yellow Passes for up to one additional accompanying cars.

On request by Embassies or Permanent Representations, up to seven Green Passes for the vehicles transporting other heads of delegation and delegates will be issued. Green Passes should be requested from the FAO Security Office, tel.: +3906 5705 6755, fax: +3906 5705 5663 by a Note Verbale, indicating the plate number and the name of the driver, and will be available for collection at the FAO Building Pass Office (Ground Floor of Building B) by staff of Embassies or Permanent Representations from Monday, 9 November 2009.

Vehicles with a Green Pass will be able to park in areas close to FAO and delegates will make their way by foot to the entrance of building A close to the Circo Massimo Metro station. Owners will be responsible for the safety of their vehicles parked in such areas.

Car access to FAO

There will be several points of access to FAO, depending on participant status and type of pass displayed by the accompanying car. The entrance from the Atrium Aventino side of building A is for delegations that are not lead by a Heads of State or Government. Delegates can reach this entrance by foot through the gate next to the Circo Massimo metro station. Vehicles displaying a Green Pass may either drop off passengers at the Circo Massimo metro entrance to FAO, through which delegates will access the headquarters area or park in the restricted area described in the Map of the area (to be posted later on) and make their way by foot to the Aventino entrance of building A.
Only cars displaying Red (Heads of State or Government plus two additional passengers) and one car with Yellow Pass (up to four persons of the immediate entourage of Heads of State or Government) will be allowed to enter FAO premises. They will drop off passengers at the front entrance of building A.

The metro entrance in Viale Aventino is the pick-up and drop-off point for other members of government delegations and representatives of inter-governmental organizations. Another entrance, on Viale Aventino, is for FAO Staff and contractors. And another entrance, further along Viale Aventino near the petrol station, is for NGOs and media representatives.

Traffic and parking

Parking around FAO will be reserved for vehicles with passes.


Taxis will pick up and drop off clients in the vicinity of the Registration Centre (Via della Consolazione 4). There is a fixed price of Euro40 for taxi destinations within the Roman walls from the Fiumicino Airport.

Shuttle buses from the Registration Centre to FAO will also be available.

Shuttle bus timetables and maps:





Access to FAO buildings

Access to FAO will be restricted to those who have been issued a Summit pass.
Embassy administrative and service staff will be issued a pass only if they have been notified as members of their country delegation.
Security within FAO and off-premises will be the responsibility of the Italian authorities, coordinated by the FAO Security Service with assistance from FAO guards and assigned staff. Metal detectors and X-ray equipment will be installed at each entrance to control access.

Arms are not allowed on the premises. Arms carried by security personnel accompanying Heads of Delegation will be deposited in a reserved area near the entrance to Building A. Security personnel included in delegations should liaise with the Italian authorities regarding this matter.

Normal passes for Permanent Representatives to FAO will not be valid after 17:00 hours on 14 November 2009. Access will be permitted only to holders of Summit passes as of 15 November 2009.

Surveillance will be strengthened at airports, hotels and embassies. Any delegation requiring especially tight surveillance measures should make their needs known to the Italian authorities through their Embassies or Permanent Representations.

Floating Passes

Due to the limited seating capacity of the Plenary Hall, only three seats per country delegation (five seats if Head of State or Government is leading a delegation) will be assigned. There will also be limited seating for observer delegations invited to the Summit. Separate floating passes will be issued for the morning and afternoon of Monday 16 November.

Floating passes for countries may be picked up from the Registration Centre from Thursday, 12 November. Only staff of Embassies and Permanent Representations to FAO will be allowed to collect passes on behalf of a delegation. Such persons must provide proof of identity.

A limited number of observers will be issued with a floating pass as of 12.00 hours on Sunday, 15 November.

Overflow Rooms

Provision will be made for a video link in the Green and Red Rooms (first floor, Building A) so that those unable to enter the Plenary Hall on 16 November may follow the proceedings. Such video link will also be made in the Green Room for those unable to enter the Red Room (Round tables) on 17 and 18 November.

Media accreditation

The path to the Summit

Three important events have prepared the ground for the Summit:

The High-Level Expert Forum on How to Feed the World in 2050 examined policy options that governments should consider adopting to ensure that the world population can be fed when it nears its peak of nearly 9.2 billion people in the middle of this century.

The Committee on World Food Security considered reforms that will enable it to play a much more effective role in the global governance of food security.

The theme of World Food Day this year is how to ensure food security in times of crisis.

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