Where Does Your Plastic Waste Go?


Does anyone come to pick up your trash where you live? Can you recycle plastics on the curb? If they do, will your waste and your plastics end up in a well-managed landfill? Have you ever visited the place where your trash is taken? Do you know what they do with it? If you do not know the answers maybe you ought to find out, if you care about the environment and your own health.

Badly managed landfills or the lack of them contributes to plastic pollution of the ocean and waterways, leachate seeping into the water tables, air pollution, nauseating smells, respiratory and other health problems; and as we know now, enormous accumulation of plastics in the ocean affecting marine life and our food chain.

Around the world, many of the largest dumpsites for garbage are poorly managed and overflow directly into the ocean. Some places don’t even have those, forcing residents to dump their trash in common areas. Did you known that in many places waste is still burned, or is thrown directly into the ocean? Here is some data:

WASTE MANAGEMENT FACT:  Out of the 50 largest uncontrolled dumpsites around the world, 38 are on the coast and many spill directly into the sea. Most of the waste going to the ocean comes from 20 countries.

WASTE MANAGEMENT FACT: Without waste management infrastructure improvements, the cumulative quantity of plastic waste available to enter the ocean from land is predicted to increase tenfold by 2025. Approximately 8 million metric tons of plastic waste enters the ocean every year.

The quality of the waste management system and its handling of plastics where you live is a major factor in determining your own plastic pollution footprint. To End Plastic Pollution we need to produce less waste, better manage waste, recycling and eventually no waste at all!!

In this week’s blog, Where does your plastic waste go? you will learn about the vast disparity in the way waste is handled around the world and the dire impacts of mishandled waste from global climate change, marine wildlife harm, and health risk to humans.

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