Handling and Processing of Organic Fruits and Vegetables in Developing Countries

This report was prepared by Julian Heyes and Bruce Bycroft, New Zealand Institute for Crop and Food Research Inc (http://www.crop.cri.nz), from an original document prepared by Anne le Moigne.

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Table of Contents


1 Introduction

1.2 World Trade
1.3 Consumer Preferences

2 Post-production Operations

2.1 Harvesting
2.2 Curing
2.3 Packing House Operations
2.4 Packing and Packaging materials
    2.4.1 Cardboard and paper
    2.4.2 Plastic
    2.4.3 Glass
    2.4.4 Metal
    2.4.5 Conclusion
2.5 Cooling System
    2.5.1 Air-cooling
    2.5.2 Forced-air-cooling
    2.5.3 Hydro-cooling
    2.5.4 Vacuum-cooling
2.6 Storage of fruits and vegetables
2.7 Transportation System
2.8 Processing
    2.8.1 Freezing
    2.8.2 Drying Water Content Additives and Processing Aids Blanching Rapid Drying Water/air Tight Packaging Pasteurisation After Packaging Supplementary Techniques for Specific Fruits
    2.8.3 Heat Conservation Juice or Oil Extraction Canning Conservation with Sugar, e.g. Jams and Purées
   2.8.4 Conservation by Fermentation Other Fermentation
2.9 Others
     2.9.1 Legislation Applying to Organic Products Storage and Processing of Organic Agricultural Products Labelling

3 Pest Control and Decay

3.1 Pest Control

4 Economic and Social Considerations

4.1 Major Problems

5 References

5.1 Acknowledgements

6 Annex

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