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The Consultant's Timetable During the Assignment: Places Visited, Activities and Persons Met

DatePlaces VisitedActivityPersons Met
20.9.87Departed Edinburgh  
21–22.9FAO, RomeBriefingJ F Muir, A Coche, R Zeisler
23.9EKTE, AthensDiscussion of programmeS Klaudatos, C Kensler, other project members
24.9EKTEDiscussion of technical problemsA Michelakakis (ETA), Th Psarros
25.9ETA offices, AthensDiscussion of technical problems at 3 ETA sitesA Michelakakis, local community representatives
28.9EKTEBackground research 
29.9PASEGES offices, AthensDiscussion of PASEGES activities and role of SPEKAE Gouliamdsis, A Ekonomou, A Kimonides
30.9Allix Ltd., AthensDiscussion of support services offeredA Kyriazis, A Romanos
 Ministry of Agriculture offices, AthensDiscussion concerning inventory of sitesMr Grivas, N Anagnopoulos
 EKTEBackground research 
Chart Suppliers, Piraeus
Examination of material for inventory of sites 
 Norwegian Export Council, AthensMeeting to assess level of Norwegian involvement in Greek aquacultureV Stergiou
2.10Ministry of AgricultureMeeting to discuss inventory of sites, materials and equipment supply, forthcoming visits to Ministry prefectural fisheries officesD Abatzi, B Sidera
3.10 Preparation of seminar 
5–6.10Prokopos Lagoon, near Patras; Patras fisheries officeDiscussion of proposed improvements to the lagoonF Bali, L Ferendinos
6.10Messolonghi fisheries office; lagoon managed by NomarchiaAssessment of enclosure trials, technical assistanceM Akri, N Alitherakis, V Dimitriou,X Moskopoulos
7.10Amvrakikos Gulf; Palio Varka private cage farm; Kokala cage farm; Kokala LagoonObservation of potential and existing sites, & improvements to the lagoonN Alitherakis, V Dimitriou, Mr Achiriadis, Lagoon manager
8.10Preveza fisheries office; Bogonitsa cage site; Vathi LagoonAssessment of cages & moorings; viewing of lagoon improvements and hatchery site preparationA Kentrou, M Vraxnoula, E Pouliou
9.10Preveza fisheries officeGave seminar on Aquaculture Engineering 
10–11.10Cephalonian Fisheries, CephaloniaMeeting to discuss cage design, equipment and materials supplyT Frentsos, J Sweetman
12–13.10Univ. of Crete; Herakleion almeiros; Elounda BayDiscussion of proposed aquaculture programme and technical aspectsT Eleftheriou, M Kentouri, P Divanach
14.10Alexandroupolis (Demarchia site)Site visit to assess technical problems of sea water intake and pond construction at “Mavrotopos”A Michelakakis, Demarchos, Antidemarchos
15.10Kyparissi; Theologos (North Evia Gulf)Assessment of technical problems at Kyparissi site (cages, hatchery, lagoons); observation of private cage farm at TheologosA Kimonides G Katsanos
16–17.10Leros Aquaculture, Leros IslandReview of equipment and materials used, discussion of technical aspectsP Dimitrakopoulos
19–20.10Kavala; lagoons of Keramoti, Agiasma and EratinoAssessment of possible sites for a pregrowth unitS Vizrimides A Dimitrakopoulos
21–22.10ThessalonikiAttendance at “Fish and Aquaculture” exhibition; assessment of equipment, goods and service suppliersCompany representatives
23.10EKTE, AthensBackground research 
24–29.10EKTEWriting of report 
30.10Institute of Forestry ResearchSeminar on Aquaculture Engineering 
2–3.11EKTEWriting of report 
4.11Depart for Rome  
4.11FAO, RomeDebriefing 
5.11Return to Edinburgh  

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