Iran - West Asia

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Mail address PO Box 13185-1 16, Tehran
Telephone +98 (21) 602-6574 Fax +98 (21) 602-6575

Sponsoring agency Ministry of Jahad-e Sazandegi
Nature National government
Mission Pure and applied research
Financial support Government
Working languages Persian, English
Scope of interest Biodiversity, biotechnology, desertification, ecology, environment, forest management, non-wood forest products, pathology, pests, poplar, pulp and paper, remote sensing, seeds, weeds

Research program
Locations Throughout Iran
Subjects Multiple issues relating to renewable natural resources
Status Ongoing

Internal Organization
Chief official Dr. M. Jafari, PhD, Director
Divisions Research Divisions of (1) Forest, (2) Botany, (3) Range, (4) Poplar & Fast-growing Trees, (5) Wood & Paper Science, (6) Forest & Range Protection, (7) Medicinal Plants & Byproducts, (8) Genetics and Plant Physiology, (9) Combating Against Desertification and Sand Dune Fixation, (10) Natural Resources Mechanization, (11) Remote Sensing
Division heads Dr. A. Jalili, PhD, Deputy for Research; Research Division heads: ( I ) H. Lotfian, M.Phil; (2) Mrs. Z. Jamzad, MSc; (3) B. Peymanifard, PhD; (4) A.R. ModirRahmati, PhD; (5) A.R. Hosseinzadeh, PhD; (6) H. Yarmand, MSc; (7) P. Babakhanlou, MSc; (8) B. Rezaee, PhD; (9) E. Rahbar, MSc
Professional staff 290
Total staff 834

Office 10,000 mē Office space, 6,000 mē laboratory space, herbarium with about 123,000 speciments and five labs
Library Collection of approximately 5,000 books, concentrating on botany, forestry, horticulture, soil science, genetics, environment and agroforestry; microfiche--reading Facilities
Computer catalog Yes, using Foxpro, NOSA
Computer searches Available
Subcenters 24 Centers in states and 50 Stations in different parts of the country
Exchange Facilities Available; Publications and seeds also available for airmail exchange

Serials The Iran fan Journal of Botany
Other Research Institute of Forests & Rangelands, an Overview; Illustrated Guide of the Genus Astragalus in Iran; Flora of Iran (in French or English)
Publications list Available

Established in 1968


University of Tehran

Mail address PO Box 14185-354, Tehran
Telephone +98 (21) 640-4790 Fax +98 (21) 641 -8538 Telex 213944 IBBIR

Nature Academic
Mission Research, instruction
Financial support Government
Working languages Persian
Scope of interest (1) Gaining a comprehensive knowledge of Iran's desert and arid zones and the problems related to this environment, from a natural, human, and social perspective; (2) raising the level of scientific research conducted on these topics within the country; (3) utilizing research results in the development of desert and arid zones to raise people's living standards in these areas

Research program
Locations Provinces of (1) Tehran, (2) Semnan, (3) Kashan; (4) Central part of Iranian desert; (5) Zarand-Kerman, (6) Yazd
Subjects (1) Ecology, wildlife ecology, animal taxonomy, (2) ecology of Touran and study of Ahvan Basin soils, (3) study of geology and vegetation of playa salt lake, (4) effect of Tamarix and Atriplex on soil salinity, (5) mining potential of Zarand-Kerman, (6) comparison of Atriplex growth in different regions of Yazd Province
Status (1 and 6) completed, (2-5) ongoing
Findings Discovery of a new species of gazelle, ecology and behavior of Persian fallow deer

Internal Organization
Chief official Gh. Zehtabian, Director
Divisions (1) Botanical Biology, (2) Animal Biology, (3) Agriculture and Animal Husbandry, (4) Natural Resources, (5) Social and Economical Science, (6) Earth Sciences, (7) Culture and Art, (8) Health, (9) Geography, (10) Archeology, (11) Climatology
Division heads (1) G. Zehtabian (address as above); (2) M. Karimi (PO Box 31585 188, Karaj, Iran); (3) M. J. Rafi (Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Karaj, Iran); (4) N. Khorassani (address as above); (5) M. Mirzai (Faculty of Social Science, Djlal Al Ahmad Freeway close to Shariati Hospital); (6) A. Darvish-Zadeh (Department of Geology, Faculty of Science, University of Tehran)
Professional staff 8 full-time, 3 part-time
Total staff 28

Library Collection of 1,900 books and 22 periodicals
Subcenters The following 10 Research Stations follow the principles of the center and were established in 1975: Kashan, Kerman, Yazd, Zahedan, Birjand, Semnan (all established and working), Sabzevar, Gonbad Kavous, Lar, and Boushehr (under contract); also Tabas, Iranshahr, Chahbahar, Bandar Abas and Ahwaz
Exchange Facilities The Center is willing to collaborate with organizations working in any aspect of arid lands/desertification

Serials J. of Biabn (Desert)
Other Proceedings of Seminar on the Problems of Iranian Deserts and Kavirs (2 volumes)
Publications list Available

Established in 1975 under current name