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Importance of agriculture to the economy

Importance of agriculture to the economy

Agriculture plays an important role in the economy of the country, accounting for 27% of the GDP in 1991 and employing 59.3% of the labour force in 1992. The principal cash crops are cotton, coffee, which accounted for 16.7% of exports in 1987, and cacao. The main subsistence crops are roots, tubers, plantain, millet and sorghum. Livestock is also important to the food supply. The country is generally self-sufficient in food.

Until recently, research and financial assistance have been directed to the export cash crop sector at the expense of subsistence food production. The fall in the price of raw materials on the world market has negatively affected the economy and the agricultural sector in particular. Consequently, the country's current agricultural policy includes increased food production, revitalization and protection of markets, and the development of improved food processing and storage.

Sectoral Contributions to GDP and Employment

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