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Role of women in agriculture

Role of women in agriculture

Although it is difficult to give an accurate assessment of women's contributions to agriculture, due to the lack of statistics, it is estimated that rural women supply about 90% of the food needed for the subsistence of the population. Women also participate in the cash crop sector. During the high growing season, women devote 6 to 8 hours a day to agriculture in addition to their household work. More than 20% of rural households were headed by women in 1989/90.

Division of Labour by Gender. Men work mainly in the cash crop sector, while women bear the entire responsibility for food production and also help men with land preparation, harvesting and other work in the cash crops. While men are primarily responsible for fishing and livestock, women are in charge of fish processing and marketing, raising poultry and small livestock, and share in the processing of milk products, both for home consumption and for sale. Women are also responsible for all domestic tasks, including food processing and the collection of fuelwood and water. In general, rural women work 1.5 to 3 times longer than men.

Gender Relations in Decision-making in Farming Activities. Although data collection is needed, women decide on the use of income from the sale of milk and milk products.

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