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1.1 Australia

1.2 Papua New Guinea

The economic circumstances also resulted in some pressures on the Forest Authority to return to the era of granting logging permits irrespective of whether projects were sustainable.

1.3 Solomon Islands

1.4 Fiji

1.5 Vanuatu

1.6 New Caledonia

1.7 French Polynesia

1.8 Western Samoa

On a global scale this is a dramatic rate of rainforest clearance. Proportionately a far greater loss for Samoa than is rainforest clearance in Indonesia. For Western Samoa this loss of indigenous forest is a tragedy, representing the loss not only of natural ecosystems, plants and animals that are found nowhere else, but also a dramatic loss of water catchment areas, forests that maintain soil stability and long term sources of food, cultural materials and timber products from the forest ecosystems.

1.9 Tonga

1.10 Kiribati

1.11 Nauru

1.12 Niue

1.13 Cook Islands

1.14 Tokelau

1.15 Tuvalu

1.16 Norfolk Island

1.17 Pitcairn Island

1.18 Wallis and Futuna Islands

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