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Opening of the Session

2. Dr Wachsmuth, as Chairperson of the Committee, welcomed the delegates and opened the Session. She advised that for the first time in the history of Codex a Committee Session would be broadcast on the world-wide-web. She expressed the wish that this would increase public awareness and transparency, and that the work of the Committee could be viewed by people who were not able to attend this meeting.

3. Ms Caren Wilcox, Deputy Under Secretary for Food Safety, Office of the Under Secretary for Food Safety, US Department of Agriculture also welcomed the delegates and emphasized the fundamental work of the Committee in the area of food safety and microbiological risk assessment. She also pointed out that all countries were coming under increased pressure to apply the HACCP principles and therefore the experience of the US in implementing HACCP in small business might be a useful guide to other countries.

4. Dr Jorgen Schlundt, Coordinator of the WHO/Food Safety Programme, at the request of the Host Government, made a presentation entitled “A Framework for Providing International Microbiological Risk Assessment Advice.” In his presentation, Dr Schlundt described the recent activities of FAO and WHO as well as the Codex Alimentarius Commission regarding microbiological risk assessment/management. He stressed the need for further national and international cooperation and collaboration and especially emphasized the need to ensure the full participation of developing countries in handling this global issue.

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