Unasylva - No. 204 - Looking forward

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An international journal of forestry and forest industries - Vol. 52- 2001/1

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

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Cover caption: A forester of the future, Ghana
Credit: FAO/18384/P.Cenini

Table of Contents


C.T.S. Nair
Changing forestry scenarios: some history and a few speculations

A.J. Leslie
The uncompromising future

R. Päivinen, R. Mills, M. Hailu and J. Saarikko
The forest of information: beating paths through the jungle

F. di Castri
Forestry in the context of the information society

R.A. Sedjo
From foraging to cropping: the transition to plantation forestry, and implications for wood supply and demand

W.J. Libby
Some thoughts on plantations and global cooling

L.I. Umeh and C. Omoluabi, M.N. Salleh, C. Prins, I. Tomaselli, H.O. Abdel Nour, M. Dombeck and A. Moad
Forests and the future: regional perspectives

J.A. Sayer
Tropical forests: diverging development paradigms

A.D. Yanchuk
The role and implications of biotechnological tools in forestry

G. Henne and C. Thies
Will the last of the ancient forests survive in 2050?

C. Sales
Technological innovation in the wood sector

G. Bull and J. Spears
Global Vision for Forest 2050 project

M. Morell
Vision of forestry 50 years on

FAO forestry

World of forestry