FAO Fisheries Circular No. 981

A Study of the Trade in Smoked-Dried Fish from West Africa to the United Kingdom

Ansen Ward
Natural Resources Institute
Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime
United Kingdom

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Table of Contents

Rome, 2003

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Table of Contents

Preparation of this document

1. Introduction

2. Product and origin

3. Prices

4. Distribution channels

5. Airfreight

6. Accompanied baggage

7. Overland from Europe

8. Commercial practices

9. Market characteristics

10. Indicator of market size in UK

11. Market prospects

12. Sanitary control

13. Market access

14. Constraints to trade

15. Suggested improvements

Annex 1: EU legislation pertaining to Nigerian fish exports

Annex 2: Best practice guidelines

Annex 3: Useful contacts