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Wilfried PRÖLL
Federal Forest Research Centre Vienna, AUSTRIA

The Forest Machine CD-Rom was created by the Department of Forest Techniques in the Austrian Federal Forest Research Centre in Vienna. It contains details of over 300 forestry machines in 17 machine categories, including for example: 19 cable yarders, 35 harvesters, 33 forwarders, 35 trailer-cranes, 18 skidders, 40 chainsaws, 69 tractor mounted winches and 16 skidder grapples.

The CD also contains a picture and technical specification of each machine, as well as manufacturer and dealer details.

There is also a table with running costs in Austrian schillings, Deutschmarks and Euro for every machine, as well as the purchase price in the same currencies.

The Forest Machine CD uses HTML technology and costs 300 Austrian schillings (US$20; 43 DM; or 22 Euro) plus post and packing. It can be ordered from the Institute of Forest Technology in Vienna, telephone: (0043) 1 87838 2207, or by email:

Further information is available on the Internet at:

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