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Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Rome, 2007

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Table of contents

Foreword  [Download pdf 395Kb]
List of acronyms

Chapter 1:   [Download pdf 286Kb]

Chapter 2:   [Download pdf 532Kb]
Pressure Piped Irrigation Techniques

Chapter 3: [Download pdf 1,166Kb – pdf 1,105Kb – pdf 1,075Kb – pdf 1,188Kb]
Irrigation equipment and jointing techniques

Chapter 4:   [Download pdf 229Kb]
System design

Chapter 5:   [Download pdf 219Kb]
Equipment, standards and tenders for supply

Chapter 6:  [Download pdf 221Kb]
Irrigation scheduling

Chapter 7:   [Download pdf 543Kb]
Water quality for irrigation

Chapter 8:   [Download pdf 709Kb]
Hose-move sprinkler irrigation

Chapter 9:   [Download pdf 803Kb – pdf 773Kb]
Traveller spray booms irrigation systems

Chapter 10:   [Download pdf 696Kb – pdf 665Kb – pdf 859Kb – pdf 532Kb]
The center pivot irrigation system

Chapter 11:  [Download pdf 599Kb]

Chapter 12:  [Download pdf 545Kb – pdf 658Kb]

Chapter 13:  [Download pdf 702Kb]
Bubbler irrigation of trees

Chapter 14:  [Download pdf 549Kb – pdf 544Kb]
Drip irrigation

Chapter 15:  [Download pdf 694Kb – pdf 591Kb]
Low-cost family drip irrigation system

Chapter 16:  [Download pdf 438Kb]

Chapter 17:  [Download pdf 736Kb]
Low-cost pipes distribution system

Chapter 18:  [Download pdf 652Kb – pdf 671Kb]
Low-cost hose irrigation

Chapter 19:  [Download pdf 198Kb]
An outline for engineering investigation for
  a pressurized irrigation system

Chapter 20:  [Download pdf 186Kb]
Operation and Maintenance

Chapter 21:  [Download pdf 251Kb]
Irrigation terminology

Chapter 22:  [Download pdf 330Kb]
Irrigation equipment supply database - IES

Annex:  [Download pdf 157Kb]
Units Conversion Table

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