RAP publication 2003/05

RAP publication 2003/05

Practical Guidelines for the Assessment, Monitoring and Reporting on National Level Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Forest Management in Dry Forests in Asia


Based on the work of Michael Kleine,
Phalguni Gangopadhyay and Gopa Pandey

Editors: S. Appanah, F. Castaneda and P.B. Durst


Forestry Research Support Programme for Asia and the Pacific
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
Bangkok, Thailand

June 2003

Table of Contents


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Table of Contents

Abbreviations and acronyms



Executive summary

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.1. Purpose of the guidelines
1.2. The dry forests in Asia
1.3. National-level criteria and indicators for sustainable management of dry forests in Asia
1.4. The contents of the practical guide and its use

Chapter 2: The system for assessment, reporting and monitoring

2.1. Assessment
2.2. Reporting on assessable verifiers/indicators
2.3. Monitoring of indicators

Chapter 3: Guide to assessment, reporting and monitoring

3.1. Criterion 1: Extent of forest and tree cover
3.2. Criterion 2: Maintenance of ecosystem health and vitality
3.3. Criterion 3: Maintenance and enhancement of biodiversity
3.4. Criterion 4: Conservation and enhancement of soil and water resources and other environmental functions
3.5. Criterion 5: Maintenance and enhancement of forest productivity
3.6. Criterion 6: Extent of forest resource utilisation
3.7. Criterion 7: Socio-economic, cultural and spiritual needs
3.8. Criterion 8: Policy, legal and institutional framework

Chapter 4: Reporting on progress towards sustainable forest management

4.1. Background information
4.2. Synthesis
4.3. Monitoring results
4.4. Assessment results

Chapter 5: Provisions for assessment system implementation

5.1. Institutional arrangements
5.2. Preparations for the assessment
5.3. Training
5.4. The use of the assessment system for improving forest management


Appendix 1: Regional Initiative for the Development, Assessment and Measurement of National-level Criteria and Indicators for the Sustainable Management of Dry Forests in Asia*
Appendix 2: Definitions and basic principles of sustainable forest management in relation to criteria and indicators
Appendix 3: Literature used

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