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7. Forging a welded chain link

Material. Mild steel, 8 mm in diameter, 200 mm long.

Additional tools. None; tongs must fit the workpiece very well.


Take a bright red heat in the centre of the piece and bend over the beak to the shape shown in Fig. 61A, making sure that both ends are in line with each other and both sides are of equal length.

Next, heat both ends to a bright red or yellow heat. Place on the anvil as shown in Fig. 62 and, with the hammer face overlapping the anvil edge, forge out the corner to form a scarf or notch (Fig. 61B). Reverse and repeat the operation on the opposite end.

Next, at a bright red heat, bend to the shape shown in Fig. 61C, making sure that the scarfs are neatly fitted together. Now, take a full welding heat on the scarfs, remove from the fire, place scarfed ends flat on the face of the anvil and with quick, light hammer blows drive the scarfs together, turning the job over after the first two or three blows to hammer on the opposite side. Now quickly put the link over the beak to complete the joint and round up the work. Hammer blows should descend vertically, but this time on the centre line of the beak while the job is moved around the beak with the left hand as in Figs 63 and 64.

These moves must be carried out quickly and smoothly. They should be completed in about ten seconds. True up the work and normalize. Next, slip a second link on to the first after the scarfs are formed but before they are bent into welding position. The first link must be kept out of the way when welding the second. Practise until at least six links can be made without fault. Links may be tested by hammer blows applied to the ends of the link or by sawing through them and studying the cut ends. You should see a sound, homogeneous weld.

Agricultural engineering in development

Figure 61

Agricultural engineering in development

Figure 62

Agricultural engineering in development

Figure 63

Agricultural engineering in development

Figure 64


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