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Freedom from hunger campaign basic studies

A series of basic studies has been prepared to aid people in discussing the issues involved in the campaign against hunger and inadequate nutrition.

1. Weather and food
How the science of meteorology is being applied in agriculture and fisheries. Obtainable from: World Meteorological Organization, Geneva, Switzerland.
Sw. fr. 2

2. Development through food
A program for the provision of food surpluses to the food-deficient peoples of the world.
U.S. $1.50 or 7s. 6d.

3. Animal disease and human health
Problems of animal health amenable to control and eradication.
U.S. $0.50 or 2s. 6d.

4. Marketing - its role in increasing productivity
Discusses the role of marketing and practical ways of improving marketing methods in less developed countries.
U.S. $1.50 or 7s. 6d.

5. Nutrition and working efficiency
Investigation of the influence of diet on capacity for work.
U.S. $0.50 or 2s. 6d.

6. Education and training in nutrition
Designed for those in charge of training nutritionists and workers in allied fields.
U.S. $0.50 or 2s. 6d

7. Population and food supply
A United Nations study which examines the world population situation and compares the prospective growth rate of population with the prospective increase in food supplies as shown by FAO studies.
U.S. $0.50, 3s. 6d. or Sw. fr. 2

8. Aspects of economic development - the background to freedom from hunger
A United Nations study which discusses economic development in less developed countries.
US. $0.50, 3s. 6d. or Sw. fr. 2

9. Increasing food production through education, research and extension
What needs to be done to enable farmers in less developed countries to learn to use agricultural techniques to increase production.
U.S. $1.00 or 5s. 6d.

10. Possibilities of increasing world food production
Covers in broad terms the enormous range of technical matters concerned in the expansion of agricultural production.
U.S. $2.50 or 12s. 6d.

11. Third world food survey
A study of the facts of hunger and malnutrition and how much food production must increase in the next 10 to 20 years.
U.S. $1.50 or 7s. 6d.

12. Malnutrition and disease
A World Health Organization study of a major problem of the human race. Obtainable from WHO Distribution and Sales Unit, Geneva, Switzerland.
U.S. $0.60, 3s. 6d or Sw. fr. 2

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