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Equipment section

Mechanical Winch M.F.10. - Can be self-transported to logging site. On very steep slopes can be self-hauled using its own winch. Chassis having form of a luge, can reach regions inaccessible to animals and tractors.

Specifications: Winch: width 1 m., length 1.8 m., height 1.3 m. Engine: Power 6/8 hp. - air-cooling. Drawbar pull: Empty drum 1,500 kg., full drum 1,000 kg. Linear winding speed: 6 speeds from 720 to 4,800 m./h. empty drum. Transport speed of the mechanical winch: 6 speeds from 3 to 10 km./h. Cable capacity: Pulling drum 500 m. of cable of a dia. 9.5 mm.; 2nd pulling drum 1,000 m, of cable of a dia. 6.5 mm. Weight of mechanical winch: with a drum and without cable 460 kg.

Etablissements F.O.C., Avenue Beauséjour, Vienne (Isère), France.

Mechanical Winch M.F.10

Hydraulic Lift. - Lift can be mounted on chassis of any tonnage and any type. Control secured from cab. Supports, hand or hydraulically controlled, allow for good lifting of load. Vehicle can be used for transportation without removing hydraulic lift device.

Bennes Marrel, Rue Pierre-Copel, Saint-Etienne, France.

Hydraulic Lift

Combined Personnel - Cargo Carier. - Can transport load of 1,500 lb. (680 kg.), equal to its own weight. Converts quickly from personnel carrier to truck by folding seats into platform bed. Specification: Wheelbase 80 in. (2 m.); overall length 131 ½ in. (3.34 m.); overall width 62 in. (1.57 m). Turning radius 10 ft. (3 m.); horsepower 100. Top speed 65 m.p.h. (104 km./h.).

Willys Motors, Inc., Toledo, Ohio, U.S.A.

Combined Personnel - Cargo Carier

Nordwerk Grader MVH 55. - New construction for road making and maintenance work. Specifications: Total weight without windrow eliminator: 10,375 kg. Motor: 6 cylinder fuel injection diesel motor, VOLVO D-67, cylinder capacity 6.73 liters, power 85 hp. at 1,600 r.p.m. Wheelbars, 5,600 mm.; track, 1,850 mm.; tires, 13.00 x 24, 12 layer; ground clearance min. 360 mm.; length of blade 3,080 mm.; blade height, incl. cutter 605 mm. Tandem-driven rear wheels. Back axle fitted with locking differential. Front wheels can be inclined by hydraulic transmission and locking device for central position. Hydraulically operated blade setting and, when fitted, scarifier setting.

A.B. Nord-Verk, Uddevalla, Sweden.

Nordwerk Grader MVH 55

Sulky. - Single speed self propelled, forward direction only; max. speed 2 m.p.h. (3.2 km./h.) mounted on traction type pneumatic disc wheels. Tire size 6.00 x 16, outside diameter 28 ½ in. (72 cm.). Air-cooled J.A.P. 3 ½ hp. 4-stroke engine. Carries ½ ton; handles poles up to 18 in. (46 cm.) diameter and 26 ft. (7.6 m.) length, longer poles dragged. Lifting by hand-operated winch. Pole cradled on machine to make one balanced unit about the wheel centers. Front end rests in an extended "boom" frame which has steering handle and throttle lever controlling engine and hence clutch. Safety type control, engine speed drops when hand is off lever.

Packman Machinery Ltd., Twyford, Berkshire, U.K.


HM Diesel Crawler Tractor 12 hp. - Tractor equipped with planting rill-drawing implement, system G. Helms, particularly recommended by manufacturer for planting in tree-nurseries. Tractor can also be used for logging in conditions where normal tractor not suitable and where only horses could perform the work. Implements are fixed by 3 point linkage of hydraulic power lift device.

Eimeha Herbert Bohschke KG, P.O. Box 12087, Düsseldorf, Germany.

HM Diesel Crawler Tractor 12 hp

CL 4. Wheel Tractor. - Specifications: Motor Berliet type MDV; no. of cylinders, 4; cylinder capacity 6 lit.; power, 60 hp. at 1.850 rpm.; speeds: 5 fwd. 1 rev., min. 3.7 km./h., max. 28.9 km./h.; footbrake, Westinghouse on 4 wheels; hand brake, on differential. General dimensions: overall length 3.74 m.; over-all width 2.13 m.; standard wheelbase 2.29 m.; cracks, front and rear 1.72 m.; weight 3,450 kg. On request: 4 steering wheels, closed cab. Side power takeoff. Drive pulley. Capstan front and rear. Trailer hook.

Labourier et Cie., Mouchard (Jura) France.

CL 4. Wheel Tractor

Record-800 Automatic Debarker for Veneer Loge. - For 80 cm. long veneer logs. Rotary motion secured by 2 parallel gear wheels running at approx. 36 rpm. Machine equipped with 10 hp. motor running at 1,600 rpm. and a trapezoidal belt transmission. Chips and bark waste removed on travelling rubber belt conveyor, 4 m. long, driven by 1 hp. motor.

Société des Etablissements Rennepont, 69, Quai de Valmy, Paris 10e, France.

Record-800 Automatic Debarker for Veneer Loge

Hydra-Set. - Crane and hoist control load. Installed as link between crane hook and load; entirely self contained, requires no air or outside hydraullic lines to operate. Unit will raise or lower loads up to 20 tons. Five models from 1 to 20 tons capacity.

Mefco Sales and Service Corporation, Arcadia, California, U.S.A.


Semspak Model 600. - Portable self-feeding automatic power screw driver developed for mass assembly operations. Screws contained in a cartridge and automatically fed into driving jaws. Screw supply always visible and preloaded cartridge can replace an empty in seconds. Semspak accommodates screws with 7/16 in. (11 mm.) min. and 1 ½ in. (38 mm.) max. length and either Round, Pan, Oval Flat, Fillister, Hexagon, slotter or Phillips head.

Illinois Tool-Shakeproof Ltd., 10, Old Jewry, London E.C.3, England.

Semspak Model 600

Cut-off Saw Type C.J.4. - Saw used for cross-cutting panels up to 62 in. (1.3 m.) wide. Cutting stroke across board operated hydraulically, controlled by foot pedal. Provided with roller tables. Adjustable stops for repetition cutting to size. Length of stroke adjustable by simple lever movement. Forward speed of stroke adjustable by hand lever between 5 and 150 ft. (1.5 m. and 46 m.) min. Return stroke constant at 200 ft. (61 m.) min. irrespective of forward speed. Machine carries on 18 in. (46 cm.) saw giving max. depth of cut of 5 in. (13 cm.) mounted directly on to 6 hp. motor spindle.

Wadkin Ltd., Green Lane Works, Leicester, England.

Cut-off Saw Type C.J.4

British Straddle Carrier MK.2. - Only straddle carrier produced in Great Britain. Specifications: Power unit: Perkins L4; 4-stroke diesel engine giving 62 bhp. at 2,000 rpm. 3 speeds fwd. and rev., 1 low and 1 high for each speed, min. 4 mph. (6.4 km./h.) max. 30 mph. (48 km./h.); lifting capacity max. load 20,000 lb. (9,072 kg.). Load can be raised 18 in. (46 cm.); lifting hooks actuated by two hydraulic cylinders. Hooks clamp and lift hydraulically aligning themselves automatically with load. Three models, differing only in width: No. 4266 overall 84 in. (2.1 m.), inside 42 in. (1.1 m.); No. 4866 overall 90 in. (2.3 m.), inside 48 in. (1.2 m.); No. 3466 overall 96 in. (2.4 m.) inside 54 in. (1.4 m.).

British Straddle Carrier Co. Ltd., East India House, London W.1, England.

British Straddle Carrier MK.2

Electric Battery Rallet 10 cwts Truck. - Model E 412 P manual or power-operated hydraulic pump and ram. Motor with automatic brake on armature, reduction gearing, controller. Unit offered in variety of small chassis and body designs suitable for 10 cwts. loading. For use in confined spaces, upper floors, gangways, lifts, etc. Pallet forks available in alternative lengths and widths. Battery: Exide traction 12 volt. 87 amp/h.

Wessex Industries (Poole) Ltd., West Street, Poole, Dorset. England.

Electric Battery Rallet 10 cwts Truck

Lumber King Body. - Mounted on any chassis. Specifications: Length 21 ft. 6 in. (6.6 m.); width 95 ½ in. (2.4 m.). Full width roller in front and a split roller in rear, making possible the roll off delivery of different loads on same trip. Loading space dimensions are such that practically any combination of lengths can be handled.

DeKalb Commercial Body Corporation, Dekalb, Illinois, U.S.A.

Lumber King Body

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